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PHP Professional Course

Why Learn PHP:

PHP is currently ranked as the most sought-after skill in JOB Market. For freshers with training on PHP courses in Kolkata, it is easy to step into the IT industry. PHP is free as well as secured web scripting language. This is the reason for its widespread popularity in the world of internet. PHP runs on more than 20 million websites including Facebook & Wikipedia.

PHP is pretty easy to learn and has huge demand. PHP web developer jobs always in top five on job websites. Only in Kolkata, 500+ good PHP companies regularly hire a large no. of PHP trained candidates. PHP developers easily find decent jobs. Since the MNCs like TCS, CTS, IBM, Wipro also work in PHP and hire lots of exp. PHP resources, so career prospect in PHP is high too.
There are many PHP training centers in Kolkata. EJOBINDIA is always counted among the top 3 PHP Training Institutes of Kolkata because of it's high-quality training and excellent placement record.

Training Duration:

The total duration of training is 124 Hrs. Training generally gets conducted on 3 days per week, for 4 hours per day. The full course takes 2-3 months time to complete.

Course Fee : 10,500

Course Structure:

Module 1: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Client Side JQuery

HTML Tags, Table/Div, Forms, image,form,css syntax,selectors ,css properties,javascript concept,javascript events,various types of validation,jquery concept, jquery functions, usefull plugins

Case Study : Students will be assigned with the task to create a static application using the scripts learnt in Module 1

Module 2: PHP Basics

PHP Syntax, Comments, Variables, value-passing, conditional-statements, loops, arrays, function (inbuilt ,user-defined), session, cookies, php-errors.

Module 3: Database

Database concept,sql-query,(create,insert,delete,edit,select[with join]), Normalization.

Module 4: PHP & MySQL Database, AJAX, Server Side JQuery

Sql-query(create, insert, delete, edit, select[with join] using php), file upload, Basic Ajax, Ajax XMLHttpRequest, Use of Jquery ajax.)

Case Study [Based on Module-2, 3 & 4]: Students will be assigned with the task of creating a PHP application based on their learning in Module 2,3 & 4.

Module 5: Object Oriented Programming Concept in PHP

Object Oriented Programming through PHP with all types of MySql operation, Detail knowledge about class, object, inheritance, polymorphism, different types of variable in a class, encapsulation, Constructor, Destructor, Abstract class

Module 6: MVC Architecture, CodeIgniter

Code writing in MVC architecture. Knowledge of Codeigniter framework

Project Development (based on MVC architecture)

At the end of module 6 students get the expertise to develop an industry standard PHP project. So, at this stage, we provide live project works to the students. We assign different project to each group of 2 students.

Module 7: WordPress (the most popular Open Source CMS)

Back end development, create custom page, create custom plugin, create custom widgets etc) & a Case Study.

Certification as Trainee Software Engineer:

On successful completion of the training and the assigned project work, students get certified as Trainee PHP Developer by SysAlgo Technology, the software division of Ejobindia.

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