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Professional Dot Net Training Program

Why Learn Dot Net:

Microsoft Dot Net is one of the most sophisticated and reliable software development technologies that allows to develop several highly productive applications such as SAAS based Employee benefits solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) via the window applications, window services, web applications, web services, business intelligence (via MS SQL Server) and SQL services. It has a unique neutral language infrastructure for the development and deployment of applications by supporting various programming languages.The cross-platform compatibility of the Dot Net solutions dissolved all the operating issues of older and new applications. .

Course Details:

Tools: Dot Net framework with C# & SqlServer 2008R2.
Duration: 120 Hrs (3 Months)
Course Fee: 10,500

Module Structure:

Module 1: Dot Net Framework and Object Oriented Programming Concept in ASP.NET

(ASP.NET work, CLR, CLS, CTS, Concept of Class and Object, Properties, Constructor, Inheritance, Interfaces, Access Modifiers, Method Overloading, Operator Overloading)

Module 2: Introduction to Database

(Insert /Edit/Delete/Select Query, Joining, Order By, Group By, Stored Procedure with cursor, View, Trigger)

Module 3: ASP.NET Pages, Controls, Validation & JavaScript

(Pagelife cycle, IspostBack, AutopostBack, Asp.Net Controls likeTreeview, MultiView, Menu, MasterPage, Checkbox, ListBox, Validation, Hidden Fields, Session state, Query String, JavaScript Variables)

Module 4: List Controls and Data Binding with ADO.NET Classes

(Technical Introduction of ADO.NET, Data Provider, connection object, command object, DataSet, DataReader, DataAdapter,Web.Config,DropDownList DataBind,RadioButtonList DataBind,Gridview DataBind ,GridviewTemplate. )

Module 5: Introductions to Entity Framework(6.0) and LINQ, Lambda Expressions and work with Asp.net pages & three tier architecture in asp.net with c#.

(Introduction to LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entity Framework, How Entity Framework work in Asp.net)

Case Study: Create user registration form to enroll users with option for the admin to edit the form information."

Module 6: ASP.NET MVC 3

(Introduction to MVC, MVC Architecture, Working with Controller, View and Model Binding, Validation.)

Case Study:Create a simple user list website. Users can enter, view, update, delete, search other users' information. Dropdown list binding from Database."

Module 7: Introductions AJAX with control

(AJAX, Update Panel control, Update Progress control, Accordion, Calendar Extender, ModalPopupExtender, TabContainer, Asynchronous File Upload, Validator Control,Ratting,Editor)

Module 8: Basic concept of Web Service

(Creating .asmx page, Deploy web service and call the service from server)

Live Project Development

On completion of the modules, students get a Live Project work to execute under the guidance of our Project Manager from Development Center. Students get the privilege to select a project from many different project types like eCommerce, B2B, B2C,CMS, CRM e.t.c.We upload the successfully completed projects to our development server.

Certification as Trainee Software Engineer:

On successful completion of the course, students get certified as Trainee Dot Net Developer, jointly by Ejobindia and the development firm Sysalgo Technology.

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