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Software Testing

Course Duration: 125 Hours (3 Months)

Course Fee: Rs. 15500

Module 1: Brief introduction to software systems and SDLC

Basic concepts :

Basic Testing Vocabulary, Quality Assurance versus Quality Control, Software Quality Factors, How Quality is Defined, Why Do We Test Software?, What is a Defect?, The Multiple Roles of the Software Tester, Scope of Testing, When Should Testing Occur?, Testing Constraints, Life Cycle Testing, What is a QA Process?, Levels of Testing, The “V” Concept of Testing.

Module 2: Testing Techniques

Structural versus Functional Technique Categories, Verification versus Validation, Static versus Dynamic Testing, Examples of Specific Testing Techniques.

Test Administration

Test Planning, Testing Levels, Testing Methods, Dynamic Testing Techniques, Static Testing Techniques.

Create the Test Plan

Prerequisites to test planning, Understand the Characteristics of the Software Being Developed, Build the Test Plan, Write the Test Plan.

Module 3: Building and Creating Test Case

Test Cases, Test case Design, Building test cases, Test data mining, Test execution, Test Reporting, Defect Management, Test Coverage – Traceability matrix.

Test Metrics – Guidelines and usage

Test reporting:

Guidelines for writing test reports

Module 4: Test Tools used to Build Test Reports

Managing Change

Software Configuration Management, Testing Articles.

Risks –Risk Analysis and Management with examples

User Acceptance testing – in detail explanation with details

Case Study:How to test web based application

Help with resume and testing interview skills.

Module 5: Brief Introduction

Test Automation for Web Applications, To Automate or Not to Automate?, Introducing Selenium, Brief History of The Selenium Project, Selenium’s Tool Suite, Choosing your Selenium Tool, Supported Browsers and Platforms.

Module 6: Selenium IDE

Brief Introduction of Selenium IDE, Install Selenium IDE and Firebug, Creating your First Selenium IDE Script, How to use Locators in Selenium IDE, How to enhance a script using Selenium IDE, echo – The Selenese Print Command.

Alerts, Popups and Multiple Windows

Module 7: Selenium Webdriver

Introduction to Webdriver & comparison with Selenium RC, Guide to Install Selenium Webdriver, Selenium Webdriver Features, Setting up a Selenium Webdriver Project, Introduction of Test NG, Accessing Forms in Webdriver, How to Select option from Dropdown using Selenium Webdriver, Accessing Links & Tables using Selenium Webdriver, Keyboard & Mouse Event using Action Class in Selenium Webdriver.

How to Upload & Download a File using Selenium Webdriver

Module 8: Advance Stuffs of Selenium

Introduction to Selenium Grid, Parameterization using XML and DataProviders, Cross Browser testing using Selenium, Database Testing using Selenium, Page Object Model(POM), Page Object Factory, Page Object Repository, Log 4j .

Module 9: Automation Framework

Data Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework, Keyword Driven Framework, Modular Framework.

Module 10: Introduction of Maven (Build Tool)

Maven Introduction, Install Maven Eclipse IDE.

How to create a New Maven Project

Project Assignment: Testing on Live Application

At the end of the course, a live software application will be provided to the students to run testing. Students will test the application using proper testing methodology under the guidance of our Test Lead from development house.

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